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Content Management Systems

May 1st, 2009:

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System or CMS is a software designed to manage the content of a website or online community. The CMS assists in managing documents, text, and images, as well as storage, publishing, and other automated processes such as user management, email, and message management.

What makes a Content Management System useful is that the website administrator does not need to invest time into creating a custom website design or custom programming. The CMS usually comes with automated templates and pre-installed modules for various functions, which make it easy for the administrator to edit and update the website's content.

The Content Management System software is usually installed on the server side. It gives access to specified users with different ranks or permissions as seen in various forums or message boards online. The content is usually being stored in a database on the web server and the CMS keeps track of current and historical editing to the site.

A CMS is an efficient way of administering and displaying information in regards to an online community without having to invest lots of time and funds into the initial creation of an online platform.

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