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An HTML Element is a complete HTML tag with an opening tag and a closing tag. This is what an HTML element looks like:
<tag> the opening tag - content - and closing tag</tag>
<p>This is a paragraph element</p>

What Is An HTML Element

An HTML element indicates structure in an HTML document or web page, which basically means that the HTML element is a full string of HTML code starting with the opening tag and ending with the closing tag, including all information in-between. More specifically, an HTML element is an SGML element that meets the requirements of one or more of the HTML Document Type Definitions (DTDs). The most common examples for HTML elements are: headings, links, paragraphs, lists, and other HTML structures.

HTML elements may also be referred to as "tags". However, an HTML tag is only part of an HTML element. For more information about HTML tags please go to:

For a complete list of all HTML elements with a detailed description for each element please visit the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) index of HTML elements:

The Meta Elements (Meta Tags)

Often referred to as Meta Tags, the meta element is probably one of the most important elements in an HTML document. The meta elements contain information which is not visible to the visitor of a web page, but a very important aspect for search engine optimization. Meta tags or meta elements contain a brief description of the web page, the keywords, and other useful information for search engines and directories. In other words: The HTML meta elements or meta tags help search engines to categorize a web page and evaluate it's content.

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