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In this tutorial you will learn how to create an email link, how to create HTML emails, and how to avoid potential errors in order to create successful HTML emails.

Creating emails using HTML requires a little more attention to detail as with creating HTML documents for the web. An HTML email must look right across many different email clients and platforms across the net. Incorrect HTML code might get your emails flagged as Spam and deleted before the receipient gets a chance to even look at the subject line of the email.

Below please find a list of things to pay attention to when creating HTML emails and sending out HTML email campaigns.

How To Create An Email Link

The email link basically looks just like any other link on your website. It starts out just like a regular link. However, when someone clicks on this link, the attribute "mailto" will open an email window (email client), and the email address specified in this email link will automatically be added to the "Mail To:" field. Here is the syntax for an email link:
<a href=""></a>

How To Create An HTML Email

HTML emails are proven to be more effective as standard text emails. Email newsletter subscribers are also more likely to not cancel their subscription, and click-through rates are significantly higher with HTML email campaigns than with regular text emails, provided that the HTML email is being displayed correctly in the user's email client.

Keywords in HTML Email

Avoid using keywords, which are banned by spam software. Those words are usually adult, casino, or pharmacy related keywords.

CSS and HTML Email

Do not use CSS or style sheets with your HTML email.

HTML Email Creation Applications

Through a third-party application like bCentral's Traffic Builder or a robust system such as Xchange - eMessaging For a list of email creators, third-party, applications, and software click here.

Using an HTML WYSIWYG Editor to create HTML Emails

Do not use regular HTML editors (WYSIWYG) to create the code for your HTML email. HTML emails should be written by hand, a WYSIWYG editor might add too many unnecessary characters to your HTML code.

Images in HTML Emails

Images in an HTML email should be not included with the email (attached), but rather hosted on a web server. (e.g. img src="")

Which Width should I use for my HTML Email

Do not exceed a width of 600 pixels for your HTML email. Most email client's message windows are not wider than 600 pixels.

HTML Email file size

Keep the HTML email file size as small as possible. (max. 150KB)

HTML Email validation

Validate your HTML email code.

Links in HTML Email

Make sure your HTML email contains one or more direct links back to your web site, ideally to a URL with a longer version of the text in your email.

HTML Email Design

Make your HTML email look like your web site. Do not use a different design for each HTML email or newsletter campaign. The HTML and graphic design of your emails should reflect the design of your web site.

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