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HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a computer language, which is used to create websites. These websites can be viewed by anyone who is connected to the internet and anyone can look up the HTML code or "source code" of a website by simply utilizing a web browser. In your browser window go to "View", click on "Source" or "Page Source" to view the source code of a website containing the HTML code, which will open in Notepad (Internet Explorer) or a browser window.

HTML is easy to understand and you will be able to learn how to create a website using HTML in just a few days! See HTML Tutorial 1

An HTML file is a simple text file, which can be created or edited with any text editor like Windows Notepad for example. This text file contains HTML markup tags, which tell the web browser how to display the content of an HTML document containing text, images, or other embedded content.
Every HTML file must have a .htm or .html extension! (It doesn't matter whether you use .htm or .html, but I would suggest you stick with either one in order to prevent broken links)

Now go ahead and open a simple text editor like Notepad (In Windows: Start - All Programs - Accessories - Notepad) and type "Hello Your-Name" (without the quotes) and replace "Your-Name" with your name. Save this file as "webpage.html" in a new directory and name this directory "mywebsite" (without the quotes). Now open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or other), go to File - Open - Browse find the directory "mywebsite" and open the file webpage.html, (which you have just saved). You should see your name in your browser.

Is this all it takes to create a HTML page? Well, not exactly, but this basically shows you how it works. For more information about HTML go to HTML Tutorial 1.

HTML is easy to understand and you will be able to learn how to create a website using HTML in just a few days!

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