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This tutorial shows you how to redirect visitors to another URL, another web page, or any other web address using a Meta tag in the head section of an HTML document.

How To Redirect Visitors Using HTML

While there are several different options on how to redirect visitors to another page, (e.g. java script, cgi script) the HTML Meta redirection is probably the most convenient option.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="8; url=">
The redirect Meta tag in the example above waits 8 seconds (content="8;) and then "refreshes" or redirects to the Webmaster Seminar home (index) page at

Click here to see a live example of an HTML document containing the redirect Meta tag above.

Here is another HTML Meta redirect example which does not wait (content="0;) and refreshes or redirects the visitor right away to another page within this web site.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=html.php">
Note: If the HTML document containing the redirect meta tag also contains text and images, the visitor might not get redirected immediately! The web page must completely load in the browser first. Once the entire web page has finished loading the redirection command is being executed. This means, if a user has a slow internet connection and it takes 5 seconds to completely load the web page, with the redirect Meta tag set to "2" (content="2;), it will take a total of 7 seconds before the user is being redirected.

How To Redirect Visitors With No Delay Using HTML

If you want visitors to get redirected with no delay, make sure that the body of the web page containing the redirection Meta tag is empty and contains no graphics, html, or text in the body section. This way the browser does not need to load anything before the redirection tag becomes active.

Note: In order to make sure that visitors with older browsers which might not be able to read the HTML redirect Meta tag have the option to "redirect themselfes" to the new location you should add a note with a link to the body of the HTML document containing the redirect Meta tag.

This note should look something like this:

This page has moved. If you are not being redirected to the new location automatically within 2 seconds, please click here.

Click here to see a live example of an HTML document containing a redirect Meta tag with no delay. (You will be redirected to Webmaster Seminar's HTML table of contents).

Check out Webmaster Seminar's Meta tag tutorial and find out more about the many different functions of Meta tags and their importance.

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