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Keywords are those words which describe a subject as closely as possible. Just like with the keywords meta tag, containing the words which describe the content of a web page, the same keywords should be used frequently throughout the text and content of the web page.

Search engine spider programs or robots are sent out by search engines to scan through millions of web pages on the internet and collect data such as the amount of keywords used in an HTML document in order to determine the importance and thus the web page's rank in search engine result pages.

Make sure the text in the body of your web page contains the same keywords as specified in the keyword meta tag frequently throughout the text. Keywords should be used in the headers, links, alt text, file names, and of course throughout the text. Do not add keywords to your keyword meta tag which do not appear on your web page. Make it as clear as possible for spiders and robots under which search terms (keywords) you want your HTML docuement to be found.

Keywords are not the only aspect you need to focus on when it comes to search engien optimization, but keywords are certainly one very important factor with search engine optimization!

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