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What is an RSS Feed

May 1st, 2009:

RSS - What is an RSS Feed

Creating an RSS feed for your website is a fairly simple task if you are familiar with HTML. If not, there are some very useful software applications available to help create your RSS feed. Here are some software suggestions:


What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for "Real Simple Syndication" and is a very useful tool in syndicating or sharing content on the internet. RSS is a simple XML based system that allows user to subscribe to their favorite websites. RSS provides a standardized format which can be read by RSS compatible software (RSS Reader or Aggregator) or RSS compatible web browsers.

The RSS feed delivers headlines and content summaries right to the consumer's desktop or web browser, or the RSS feed can be integrated into a website and provide additional content.

RSS feeds should be updated frequently and offer unique and useful content to a given audience, and thus supply constantly refreshing and current content or information.

An RSS feed can give your website significant online exposure and improve the amount of visitors to your website drastically.

An RSS feed will help you distribute your content and increase the number of links to your website. This will not only give your website a wider exposure, but also increase your search engine rankings significantly.

Content is being aggregated conveniently in one location giving the consumer more control over what they want to read. With RSS feeds content is not being forced on the consumer. The consumer decides what information or content the want to view.


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