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How To Get Listed With Google, Yahoo, MSN

May 1st, 2009:

SEO - How to Get Listed With Google, Yahoo, MSN

1. Content:

First of all, your website should have original and unique content. If you just copy text or content from other websites and put it on your site, it may be very difficult or even impossible to get your site listed on top. Search engines thrive on new, original and unique content.

2. Graphic Design:

Although a nice graphic design and layout might make the site look more professional and therefore more trustworthy and appealing to visitors, graphic design is the least important factor in search engine optimization. I have seen a number of quite "ugly" pages that rank very well in search engines. And besides, the “beauty” of the graphic design is always in the eye of the beholder. More important is the technical design of your site. A human editor will check your site less frequently than the automated spider programs or robots, which will scan your website's code on a regular basis.

3. Web Design:

More important than the graphic design of a website is the coding (HTML, PHP, or CSS), the file and directory structure, link placement, external links, incoming links, and user friendliness (how easy is it for the user to navigate through the site and find the information they are seeking?).

4. The Right Technical Backbone:

Your site should run on a reliable server configured to serve your needs. Free or cheap server hosts might not be the way to go if you are serious about your online business and about optimizing a website for search ngines.

5. The Right Domain Name:

A good domain name is extremely important for your internet business and for search engine optimization. Your domain name should be short and easy to remember and describe your website or business as clearly as possible.

These are things you should consider well before you start working on your website. If you already own a website go to:

But search engine optimization does not end here. Having a high-quality site that is optimized for search engines is just the beginning. Now you need to submit your site to search engines, search directories, link directories, and other sources of traffic.

Work on link exchanges to get your link popularity up, possibly even getting some high-quality paid links to your site in order to speed up the process of search engine indexing. The importance of your website will also be gauged by the number of (high-value) sites that link to your site. From now on your site should be monitored carefully and changes to keywords, links, and content must be made in order to get your website listed in top positions with major search engines. Keep your site's content updated, original and current. To ensure your site is well-prepared for the future, you should get your website validated for XHTML and CSS. Check your website for broken links!

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SEO - Getting Listed With Google, Yahoo, and MSN

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