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Search Engine Spiders And Robots

Spiders or robots are programs sent out by search engines to evaluate HTML documents, web pages, and entire web sites. The spider or robot runs through the HTML code of a web site and collects information about the web pages visited.

What Do Spiders And Robots Do

The robots or spider programs collect information about the number of keywords, the total amount of words in the HTML document, outgoing links, incoming links, alt tags, the structure of the HTML code, and other information in order to determine the web page's importance in reagrds to a specific keyword or search term. Spiders and robots basically determine the rank of a web page for a specific search term or keyword combination.

It is rather essentail for search engine optimization and web site marketing to make sure these spiders and robots come to visit your site as often as possible. Make sure the spiders or robots are able to visit all web pages in your site, which you would want to appear in the search results pages of search engines.

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