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May 1st, 2009:

XML - Extensible Markup Language

What is XML and How To Use It?

XML is a markup language designed to describe data. XML is not a scripting language or programming language and therefore it doesn't "do" anything, however, XML can be used in connection with HTML where XML delivers the data, and HTML displays the data, if this makes any sense. In other words, XML is not an extension to HTML as in CSS, and it is not a newser version of HTML as XHTML is, but a simple, very flexible text format derived from SGML, which is mainly used to exchange data online.

Among other things, XML is a language which enables webmasters to take raw data and present it in an easy to read format. XML is a tool for transmitting data and is compatible with any platform and software independent.

XML tags are not predefined as in HTML. The author is responsible for coming up with his own tags and document structure. If you are familiar with XHTML you have come across DTD or Document Typ Definition. XML uses Document Type Definition (DTD) or an XML Schema to describe (or explain) the data contained within your XML document.

XML is being used with RSS feeds, for example. Find out more about XML in action by visiting What is an RSS Feed or How to Create an RSS Feed.

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